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The Start of Something New

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

A year after graduating college and I finally have my blog launched. Maybe the only thing college taught me is calculated procrastination. I have wanted to start a blog of my own since I could remember. In high school, I loved writing. I had always wanted to become a journalist. It was not until college that I found myself surrounded with so many options, I switched over to public relations. I loved how PR was a blend of marketing, writing, and interpersonal communication. Through college, I immersed myself with a variety of extracurricular activities including writing for the college magazine, working as a content creator at the on-campus marketing agency, being a writer and the president of Her Campus CWU and much more. My time with Her Campus, the number 1 online magazine for collegiate women, led me to my passion of advocating for equality and creating equitable change for those that are oppressed in today's society.

After graduation, adulting was inevitable. Find a job to help pay the bills, while also filtering a career path I could fall in love with. I decided to stay in Ellensburg after graduation because I loved Kittitas County and the experience it brought to my life. Ellensburg is a small rural town, in the center of Washington State. Although the westside of Washington would provide me with a wider variety of opportunity, I felt that if I could find a job in Ellensburg in my field, I could make a deeper and more personal connection with myself and my skills, as well as with the people in the Kittitas County community. A few months before graduation I frantically applied to jobs in the area. Just like any college graduate, I was scared I would never find a job in my field after graduation.

After a few rejections, I had another interview a month before gradation. I ended up not receiving the job, but the woman who interviewed me decided to take a chance on me for another position. I started out as a Visitor Center Representative for one of the Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce's Visitor Centers in Ellensburg. After a few months, I moved up to become the Events Coordinator and Public Relations Specialist. A few months after that, I became the Communications Manager. It does not always work out for everyone, but in my case it did. Those past rejections led me to my current position.

After graduation and being put in my position at the Chamber, I still felt like something was missing. I love writing press releases and social media posts as much as the next PR girl does, but my true passion for writing is imbedded in feature writing. Feature writing gives writers more space to express themselves and tell a story.

This blog will be filled with feature writing. The words only dedicated to helping empower women and effecting change. Like it says on the home page, the f words is about the negative connotation brought on by the term feminism. Not only is being a feminist construed as being a man hater, being a female in today's world is a hard pill to swallow overall. Feminism is designed for not only women, but for men as well, to express equality and equity, without putting anyone else down. This blog will allow myself and other writers to express themselves with evergreen topics surrounding feminism, female empowerment and what the future can hold for women. It takes only one person to start a chain reaction of change and I am hoping this blog can be a part of that reaction.

I think this was a perfect time to start my blog (a.k.a. the calculated procrastination I was talking about). The world is on a tipping point of change. With the Coronavirus and the Black Lives Matter movement in full swing, 2020 is a jumping off point for change. Although, it has taken too long to develop this world into something positive for everyone, I believe 2020's downfall will the be the worlds wake up call.

Let's grow together and let's change the world together.


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