• Meaghen Schneider

The Struggle of a College Graduate in a Global Pandemic

Senior year. The last year. Everyone always hypes up their last year of college as being one of the best memories before they are truly adults. Yet, the Class of 2020 didn’t exactly get that perfect ending. I never thought I would have spent my college graduation ceremony on my couch at home in a million years, but 2020 has been full of unpredictable surprises, which is sort of a struggle for a recent college graduate.

“Well, what's your next step?" The number one question that every college graduate loves to hear (just kidding). With the pandemic in place, millions of businesses and corporations have made hiring freezes as a way to keep current employees and to safely budget for the rest of the pandemic. It makes sense, but for a college graduate, it’s a bit daunting to walk into this unknown time frame of unemployment. Have no fear college grads, LinkedIn and Indeed are always posting recent job posting wherever you wish to be located.

It might be a struggle getting your name out there or realizing that your original plan has changed, but something will turn up. It always works out in the end, even during a global pandemic. Don’t get discouraged Class of 2020, your future is still going to be bright, but for now, stay safe, wear your mask, and promote equality for all!

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